National Alcohol Screening Day®

April 9, 2015

Screening for Mental Health offers alcohol screening programs for the military, colleges and universities, community-based organizations and businesses.

Held annually on Thursday of the first full week of April, National Alcohol Screening Day is an outreach, education, and screening program that raises awareness about alcohol misuse and refers individuals with alcohol problems for further treatment. Thousands of colleges, community-based organizations, and military installations provide the program to the public each year.

Military Pathways


flagProvide online alcohol self-assessments for service members and their families. Register to promote an NASD screening program.

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BooksAddress risky drinking on your campus and offer in-person events and/or online validated alcohol screenings. Register today!

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Reach members of the public through
the NASD CommunityResponse screening program. Register to host
a screening.

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Address potential
alcohol Communityproblems in your
workplace. Implement the online screening program through an EAP, HR office, or existing wellness program.

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Listen to the "Choose Responsibility" webinar with Speakers: Dr. John M. McCardell, Jr., President Emeritus of Middlebury College

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